The NIAE is an art exhibit initiated by the Nobility International humanitarian organization. The exhibit’s purpose is to document the cultural contrast between the Perfectionment intellectual movement of the Age of Beauty and the backwards erronormativity of the contemporary age. These include but are not limited to paintings, sculptures, movies, stories, and more.

Notice: Silence Is Violence

Report hate, perverts, terrorists, & professional / corporate / political corruption to OSIC.

Erronormative Art


Beauty standards are deconstructed, thus enabling art enthusiasts to status signal by treating errors as a norm to be tolerated rather than the cultural decay of a declining empire – an aristophobic cult relic of the Contemporary Age.

Erronormative Architecture

Perfectionment Art


Beauty standards are reinforced, thus excellence is rewarded which incentivizes elite artists to produce objectively beautiful art. In the Age of Beauty, concreteness, symmetry, order, perception, and sameness are the building blocks of beauty.

Perfectionment Architecture